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Technical Aspects of Bioacoustics

It would be very hard to describe the physics behind acoustics or even bioacoustics for that matter on a short webpage. Thus I will send you to some links that describe acoustics and sites that list software programs for analyzing waveforms and spectrograms. This page will also direct you to a website that has biological calls from recordings of a Passive Aquatic Listener Device (PAL) that records the sound of rainfall on the sea surface. Dr. Jeffrey A. Nystuen at the University of Washington's Applied Physic's Lab has recorded these and this link is accessable with his permission. See the "Aquatic Waveforms" link to the left.

Software for Acoustics






Avisoft Bioacoustics

Tone Generator

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Physics of Bioacoustics

Whales and LFA

Whale Sonar

Bat Acoustics

Bioacoustics List-Serve

NOAA's Acoustic Monitoring Program

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Center for Comparative and Evolutionary Biology of Hearing
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