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Insect Acoustics
Richard Mankin, USDA-ARS, Florida
Richard Mankin, Mefly Acoustic Detection
A. Cokl, Substrate Borne Acoustic Vibrations of Stink bugs

Colony Collapse Disorder
Colony Collapse Disorder WSU Researchers

Terrestrial Acoustics
Effectiveness of Deer Whistles on Cars
REAL Environmental Acoustic Recorders

Aquatic Acoustics
Jeffrey Nystuen: Acoustic Rain Gage
Chris Clark: Whale Detection Buoys to Deter Ships from Right Whales
Whitehead Lab: Sperm Whale Acoustics
T. Mooney: Temporary Sonar Induced Hearing Loss in Dolphins
Boat Alarm for Manatees
Brittle Manatee Bones, Influence Public Policy Debate On Boat Speeds

Upcoming Conferences and ListServes
Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, Oregon February 22-26 2010
European Cetacean Society 2010, Stralsund, Germany March 22-24 2010
ASA Meeting and Noise-Con, Baltimore, Maryland April 19-23 2010
International Congress on Acoustics, Sydney, Australia August 23-27 2010
Entomological Society of America San Diego, California December 12-15, 2010

Entomology Listserve
Marine Mammals and Conservation
Central Puget Sound GIS Listserve
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators

Top 10 Places to See Bald Eagles This Winter
Airborne Lidar Detects Algae
Orangutan Sells Photos on Ebay

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