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This website lists a select number of bioacoustic researchers in the United States. This is by no means a complete list, but it is representative of the researchers that I have come across in my research or have met.

Insect Acoustics
Researcher Subject Location
Dr. Mankin Tephritidae/Termites USDA-Gainesville, FL
Dr. Sivinski Tephritidae USDA-Gainesville, FL
Dr. Anderson Hymenoptera/Fire Ants NCPA Univ. Miss., MS
Dr. Staaden Orthoptera Bowling Green S.Univ., OH
Dr. Hoy Drosophila Cornell Univ., NY
Dr. Gries Hemiptera Simon Fraser Univ., B.C.
Dr. Cocraft Heteroptera Univ. Missouri?
Dr. Miller Stink Bugs UC Riverside, CA
Marine Acoustics
Researcher Subject Location
Dr. Mellinger Cetaceans Oregon State University, OR
Dr. Au Cetaceans University of Hawaii
Dr. Greene Hydroacoustics Cornell University, NY
Dr. Clark Cetaceans Cornell University, NY
Dr. Horne Hydroacoustics University of Washington, WA
Dr. Jones Cetaceans NOAA, WA
Dr. Nystuen Acoustic Rain Gage APL UW, WA
Terrestrial Acoustics
Researcher Subject Location
Dr. Payne Elephants Cornell University, NY
Dr. Fristrup Birds/Cetaceans Cornell University, NY
Dr. Skowronski Bat Acoustics University of Florida, FL
Dr. Gage Real Time Acoustic Recordings Michigan State University, MI
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